Promoting your music to bloggers

Promoting your music to bloggers

recognize just what you’re thinking: Blogs are so 2005.

It’s true, blog sites were a big bargain back in the day. But they still are– you just don’t know it.

Think it or otherwise, as a musician, you require blog sites. They are the lifeblood of several musicians’ professions, and also among the most efficient means for independent musicians to expand their online reach.

So just what is a blog?

Nearly every frequently upgraded media site is a blog! The 10-years-younger version of on your own still assumes it’s location where stay-at-home mamas create product evaluations of baby diapers, pasta sauce, as well as their coupon-cutting experiences.

But a blog is merely a continually updated site where details is given in sequential order as well as even more recent messages appear ahead. Your preferred print magazine keeps you the reader involved in between problems by producing regular on-line material. That’s blogging. This is a blog. Nowadays, the ordinary internet site is simply a pietistic blog site.

Blog sites come in all shapes and sizes, yet here are the 4 major formats (some cross over into other categories).

Genre based: Songs, sporting activities, food lover, amusement, family pets, daily news blogs.

Example: Buzzfeed, Sports Illustrated.

Content based: Video clip blog sites (vlog), sound (tune of the day), interviews, evaluations.

Example: Ted Talks, NPR’s All things Considered.

note: a lot of audio blogs that archive their material online are usually podcasts.

Place: City-based blog (a blog regarding your city’s tourist attractions, occasions, and so on).

Instance: Human beings of New york city.

Company-related: business will certainly typically blog to assist connect their consumers to their brand name.

Example: Southwest, Whole Foods, Starbucks.

Why you ought to advertise your songs to blog owners.


  1. Direct exposure: Promoting your music to bloggers is your ticket to direct exposure. While some blog sites are more youthful and have less readers, others have a much broader reach. Either way, you are making brand-new fans that have not formerly become aware of your songs. You can only rise!
  2. Disclosure: Followers do not in fact recognize a whole lot concerning the artists they enjoy. Yet interviews give them a further consider the life, job, as well as character of their favored artists. Each meeting you do is a new opportunity to share a little on your own that may not prevail understanding. Devoted fans enjoy stuff like this!
  3. New Material: It could commonly be hard for artists to locate new product to update their internet site with. The periodic new interview, evaluation, reveal sneak peek, or blurb not just maintains your website and press kit fresh, however provides the impression that you are an energetic musician that is searched for by press.


[The 8 points that should remain in every band’s digital press package] 4. Life span: You never understand when a new follower will stumble upon a post from 2 years earlier. It takes place all the time. Blog sites are terrific because usually content could be archived and stumbled upon.

How to locate blog sites that will certainly review your music.

Roll your sleeves up, due to the fact that doing your study takes some severe effort.

  1. Search similar artists: Identify what genre you ideal suited and Google a likewise styled artist who has been around the block a few times. As an example if you play off-center unusual psychological electro pop, you might want to Google Sufjan Stevens. Stevens is an artist who is still relatively off the radar as for mainstream songs goes, so it’s most likely a publication that evaluates his music would review indie musicians.
  2. Check out the blog sites submission guidelines: Do it! If they typically aren’t covering popular song today, and also you are a pop artist, you need to know you’re squandering your time. If you’re required to stick your name and also album title in the Topic line but you don’t do it, that’s an additional strike. Submissions standards are absolutely a must-read!
  3. Know just what the blog writer composes: If John Doe reviews a Sufjan Stevens album as well as you want him to review yours also, take a while to take a look at his various other reviews. Discover a few common strings and truths that will assist you pitch yourself much better. For example, perhaps John Doe only reviews musicians with unusual names. Or perhaps he only examines musicians when they are exploring with his city. Understanding a little regarding who you’re emailing will certainly help you greatly!

The best ways to pitch yourself to a blog writer.

General rules: It is definitely essential to remember that web content is king. The easier the much better. Be polite, expert, obtain your factor across, specify as well as don’t be verbose. Know just what you desire. Are you requesting for an interview, evaluation, show preview, attribute of your brand-new video on their internet site, or something else?

Things to include in your e-mail:.

  • A comprehensive subject line: It’s the initial point they see. Make it count!
  • Introduction paragraph: Program that you understand the blog site( ger) by referencing some his/her/their past articles. This reveals you did your study.
  • Describe your music: This is your elevator pitch. Plainly liken yourself to a few other musicians and also provide a need to wish to check your songs out additionally.
  • Brag a Little … just a little: If you have actually opened for Sara Barielles, had an evaluation on NPR, or done something that will certainly get your first step, stick it therein. Whatever aids!
  • Hyperlinks: link to where they can to hear your songs, connect to your bio, and also link to your web site.
  • The Correct Email Address: Prior to you push send out, make certain you have the right email address! This is by far the trickiest part. Some blogs deliberately conceal their call details to restrict inbound requests. Others simply make it tougher to find. Do some digging as well as see to it your e-mails are mosting likely to right location.

Points NOT to include in your email:

  • No Add-ons: Do not attach mp3s, pdf, or anything else. Songs blog writers despise accessories. Provide a link to your press set web page on your internet site. We remain in the age of songs streaming so you understand.
  • Boringness: Don’t tell them your life story. Depending on how big the blog is, they are most likely getting a massive number of pitches in their inbox each day. They do not have time to review your narrative.

How you can subsequent with a music blog site.

Waiting is the worst component. Sometimes a blog owner’s silence is due to the fact that they can not dig via all the e-mails in their inbox and haven’t reached your own yet. Occasionally it’s due to the fact that you really did not send it to the right email. And also occasionally it’s since they don’t like your music– ordinary as well as simple. So right here’s exactly how you follow up.

  1. Give it a few weeks: First points first, put at the very least 2 weeks between emails. Give them time to decide if they intend to cover you and also exactly how they will work you into their editorial schedule.
  2. Be nice: Don’t send out an angry e-mail b/c they really did not get back to you. Be polite, consist of the initial e-mail in your message, and also merely create a 1-2 line email stating you are following up on your first message.
  3. Acknowledge their work: Among my favored things to compose in my e-mail is, “I recognize you obtain numerous of these emails on a daily basis, so also if I do not hear back, thanks for putting in the time to review this one.’.

Just what to do when you get featured on a music blog site.

  1. Include it to your site: Include it to your press web page, your press package, your homepage, etc. Simply ensure it shows up.
  2. Share on social media sites: You will always get one of the most feedback on social media sites– particularly Facebook.
  3. Give thanks to the Blog( ger): Send a fast message thanking them for their time. If it’s a well-crafted function, praise the author on a well-written short article.
  4. Utilize it!: Use the blog site testimonial or meeting to get you your following one! An article on a decent blog site could open a lot of doors. An excellent attribute on a prestigious blog can do much more!

Whatever you do, do not quit! It might seem meaningless to reach out to 20 blogs only to hear back from 1, yet whatever matters and the more media protection you obtain, the a lot more will certainly come. Best of luck!

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