How Can I be a Music Artist?

How Can I be a Music Artist?

If you go to Nashville Tennessee and ask around, you will probably hear horror stories of those who came to the Country Music Capital of the World—and failed.  The same could be said of other music genre and locations as well.  So, what went wrong?  Why did so many with dreams and high hopes fail?

Well, being a music artist depends on several things.  Talent is a must, as well as dedication and a good healthy dose of luck.  Along with that, finding the right connections and learning how to market the talent you have is good too.  Let’s take a look at somethings that may advance your dreams into reality.

  1. Define your talent. Do you rap?  Do you sing country songs, or is the ‘blues’ more you style?  Do you play a guitar, or other musical instrument? Are you passionate about it?  Do you eat, live, and sleep it?  It sounds unrealistic, but being passionate about what you want to do maybe the biggest key factor in achieving success.
  2. Find your style. Who do you listen too?  Where are you from?  This can be key in finding the marketing strategy you need to promote you and your music.
  3. Study the competition. While you will need a different approach, studying the competition can give you clues into why they succeed.  Also, look at the stories behind the artist.  How did they get noticed?  What did they do which led to their being noticed by the companies that signed them?
  4. Find a mentor. This is a crucial step, as a teacher can save you a lot of time and effort.  Find a teacher who shares the same tastes and styles you do.  Preferably, this teacher should be a contemporary one.  If you admire a guitarist, for example, whose heyday was in the fifties or sixties, the style and tone would be much different than today’s artists.  While this would work for throwback groups, it would not be suitable for today’s music world.
  5. Pack many talents in a small package. In other words, educate yourself on as many aspects of the business as you can.  We all hear stories of rock legends having entourages, or people who do things for them.  That’s great; but, it’s also expensive. Not every person, especially those who make a living as a server in a restaurant, can afford it.  Diversify your skill set.  Learn how to write your own music, start your own label, produce your own songs, or keep your own books.

Unfortunately, not everyone who sets their sites on being famous makes it.  There are many record producers out there who had dreams, at least at one time, of making it big; but, because their talent went unnoticed, they failed.

However, they did succeed in a business they love and are passionate about.  The key to success in any business is to become educated about it.  Teach yourself to be a success.

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